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Jan 31st
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Title of Islam

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Title of Islam - كلمه طيبه

When somebody submits to Allah (swt) and admits to His Deen, he or she proclaims their submission by announcing:


محمدٍ رسول الله لا إله إلا الله

There is no Illah but Allah, Muhammad is Messenger of Allah


This is the Title of Islam, proclamation to Tawheed and the entrance to citizenship to Deen Allah. This is often referred to as testimony of faith “كلمه طيبه”.


It consists of two parts:


        There is no إلـه - Illah but Allah

        Muhammad is his Messenger.


The first part has two aspects – Negative and Positive:


        There is no God: Taking away any possibility of giving the capacity of God to any thing

        But Allah: Attributing it to Allah, and Only Allah


Capacity of God in following sense:


        As a creator and sustainer

        As the law-maker.

        As a judge to whom all creation is accountable.

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